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2015 Vitis Vinifera Awards Competition

Vitis Vinifera Awards recognises quality wines available to the majority of consumers. Most other competitions focus on aspirational wines in the ultra-premium segment of the market, enhancing the perception that good wine is out of reach of the average consumer. This in turn leads to the misconception that appreciating wine is an elitist matter, reserved for a small group of connoisseurs who are able to describe subtle flavours in obscure language.

South Africa produces fine wines across a range of taste spectra and price points. With the Vitis Vinifera Awards we aim to commend wines of quality available to consumers on more shelves across the globe, and confer awards on more stunning drinking wines across price categories than most other competition. Based on the average quality of wine currently produced in South Africa, we firmly believe at least a third of wines entered into this competition will be awarded a medal.

Often, excellent wines are relegated to silver or bronze medal status based only on the philosophy that outstanding wines must be the exception rather than the rule. Few producers enter competitions hoping to achieve bronze and many would even choose not to display silver or bronze stickers on their bottles. Ironically, this just exacerbates the problem: It has become very difficult for the average consumer to come across an award-winning wine on a regular basis.

Vitis Vinifera Awards will give a fair assessment of quality wines already on shelves and restaurant wine lists. It will counter the notion that quality wines can only be bought on allocation or through specialist wine shops. Skilled winemakers in South Africa have the luxury of choosing from a wide variety of quality grapes because of excellent growing conditions and this results in wonderful and affordable wines that are widely available.

Although this is not the main focus of the competition, Vitis Vinifera Awards will also award Trophy stickers to exceptional wines. Connoisseurs and collectors who select the best this country has to offer will more often than not find that some of the best wines bear the Vitis Vinifera Trophy Award. Vitis Vinifera Awards will only award Gold, Double Gold and Trophy medals.

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